10 Things That Dance Majors Are Tired Of Hearing

In college you are bound to be put in the situation where somebody asks you, “What is your major?” For some people that is a time to boast, others a time to say what they are interested in, and for dancers to ultimately get annoyed.

I went around the dance department at my university and asked some of the other dance majors what they were tired of hearing whenever somebody finds out that they are a dance major.


“I’m a dance major.”

1. “How fun!”

Staying in a rehearsal for over 5 hours a day is just so amusing.



2. “I took ballet when I was little!”

Congratulations…so did everyone else.



3. “Do something right now!”

…I will not do a pirouette for you in the library


4. “I wish I just got to dance around for my major.”

Yes, because i’m sure you can do this all day.



5. “What are you going to do with that?”


6. “Do you use books?

You do realize that we have other required courses that aren’t technique, don’t you?


7. “How flexible are you?”

Please, you should ask me how advanced my technique is. Dance isn’t all about tricks.


8. “Can you do those turny things?”

Which ones? Fouettes, pirrouettes, chaines?


9. “Do you have all A’s?”

An A is perfection, and nobody is perfection.


10. “I wish my major was that easy.”

…biggest. insult. ever.



Even though dancing may look like a lot of fun and it may seem easy, just remember that there is a reason why we train for as long as we do. We have worked for the majority of our lives to make dance seem effortless. As dance majors we don’t mind the amounts of work or the late nights as much because this is something we care for and are passionate about. However, we do mind the looks and comments that we get because we don’t have a “real major.”



9 thoughts on “10 Things That Dance Majors Are Tired Of Hearing

  1. Yes indeed. Every single statement has been said multiple times to me. And I get irritated because they say dance is easy.. How about you step into my ballet class and after that tell me if it is easy.

  2. Incredibly true, simply because we choose dance as our lifestyle and career does not mean that we aren’t smart at all. Our major is not easy in the real world and we struggle every day just to make a living out of our passion. Child please, literally tears, sweat, and a huge commitment form those who work their butts off in the studio.

  3. When I was a “dance major” back in 1979 to 1982, people didn’t believe me! They couldn’t imagine that there was any such thing! It’s come a long way…someday I hope that these ignorant and uneducated comments will never be asked of a dance student! Unfortunately the Arts and Culture is not appreciated or given very much support in our society even in 2015…36 years later!

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