18 Things Every Dance Choreographer Knows To Be True

So very accurate

Thought Catalog

1. No matter how many times you review your choreography notes, when it comes time to teach them at rehearsal, you’ll have no idea what you’ve written down.

2. You kind of hate jazz squares but sometimes can’t help sneaking them into routines.

3. While teaching a routine, you start out with proper counts, but usually dissipate into a series of “duh duh duh bum bum BUM”s.

4. When you say “once more with me and then I’ll watch you”, it usually means you’re doing the combination at least three more times.

5. Grapevines can be deadly traps.

6. It’s possible to practice a dance in your head without anyone knowing what you’re doing.

7. Sometimes you have no other choice but to label a move in your notes as “the greased lightning.” It happens.

8. When you’re asked, “how do you get out of this step?” it is absolutely…

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