We All Have Our Ways

I love this video created by the Australian Ballet. The dancers give us a peak into what their different rituals and techniques to make their pointe shoes work best for them. This is so revealing to every aspect of dance to me because beyond pointe shoes, we all have certain things that we do our way.

Growing up I can remember one of my friends always did her bun in a very particular way so that it always looked the same. She wanted to make sure that this element of her was flawless and could be one less thing that she would have to worry about, whereas I threw my hair up at the last minute after making sure that all of my costume pieces were in order. Another friend would have all of her pointe shoes during performance week lined up in a row and ready to go so that when one pair broke, she could quickly jump into a new pair.

We all have our different quirks and ways of doing things because after all, dance is about the self.


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